Pastor Donna Lynne Hubbard photo

Pastor Donna Lynne Hubbard

Certified Trainer, Airline Ambassadors International

Donna Hubbard is the first born child of the late author and Community Arts Activist Nayo Watkins and Charles “Charlie” Hubbard. Her mother Nayo took great pride in cultivating Donnas' precocious, creative spirit. She graduated Valedictorian of Clara Muhammad High School in 1972. But life would not always be prestigious for Donna Hubbard.

She married while still in high school and became a mother at 16 years old. She is a proud mother, grand mother and great grandmother. Donna witnessed abuse and domestic violence in her impressionable years. She attended several colleges, married, and divorced. Her life then was a series of abandonment, abuse, addiction, gang crime, prostitution, trafficking and violence. She was sold to a pimp, gang raped by professional athletes, and finally became gang property on the streets of Los Angeles. The experience left her with a sense of low self-esteem, low self-confidence and no self-respect. Donna served a total of 10 years in jails and prisons. She was raped more than once, arrested more than a dozen times and finally sentenced to 2 concurrent 12-year sentences in federal prison. For most this would be the end of a sad story. For Donna this was her only way out. While waiting to be transferred to prison from the county jail she met Lynnette Higgins who introduced her to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Donnas' vision for the future was soon to be limited to a 9 X 11 concrete cell but still God saw fit to save her from herself: On the filthy floor of the gymnasium in that jail she was delivered from a $1000 a-day crack addiction, chronic alcoholism, prostitution and a life of sin. In 1998 the judge sentenced her to 2-12 year sentences, but through Christ Jesus, that same year she received eternal life. 

Donna’s commitment to serve God prompted her total and complete surrender to a greater destiny and purpose. She completed her 2nd year studies through the University of Minnesota Extension Education Program while in prison. She transferred from Lexington Federal Correctional Institution in Lexington, KY to Alderson Federal Prison Camp.  While in Alderson she completed the University of West Virginia Firemanship Training, and served her last year as a Federal Firefighter. While in Lexington, she realized she needed more than a religious experience. She met Evangelist Margaret Reynolds who saw a “diamond” in the rough and began the arduous task of convincing Donna she deserved better and she could have it in Christ. Donna would finally realize, long sought after meaning for her life. Donna was paroled in 1993 to Atlanta, Georgia. 

In 1994 she founded the Woman at the Well Transition Center: a non-profit ministry providing training, workshops and direct services to formerly incarcerated persons throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. WATWTC has served over 5000 women and men. Pastor Donna accepted her call to preach in 1995. She was ordained in 2000. Donna is an Elder/Pastor in Revelation SEED Ministries She has copyrighted 5 original curriculums including the Parenting from Prison Project "FOCUS"  a viable active program in 7 county jails entering its 9th year in local an state institutions. She was selected to serve on Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed's Working Committee to reduce prostitution, and sex trafficking in the Greater Atlanta area, and serves as a consultant with the Office of Women's Health addressing trauma impact on women, and best practices in treatment. She is an original organizer of the Atlanta Community Impact Project. Pastor Hubbard's latest project is the creation of a Leadership Development Training Institute for Formerly Incarcerated Persons. and assists formerly incarcerated women, and men to reenter mainstream society. She earned her BS in Theological Studies and her MS in Christian Counseling in the PCIE Seminary Program. She is a Certified Trainer in the fight against Human Trafficking with Airline Ambassadors International. Donna is employed as a Flight Attendant for a major commercial airline. 

Pastor and Elder Donna Hubbard is a much sought after conference speaker, certified workshop facilitator, a dedicated mentor, and prolific preacher. Her mantra is: Luke 15:17 "…and one of them, when he saw he had been healed, turned back and with a loud voice, glorified God."